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E-business refers to conducting business on-line over the internet. This includes, buying and selling products, business-to-business transactions, inter-company communications, information repositories etc. Any type of business can have its analogue on the internet and benefit from e-commerce.


This is an exceptionally cost effective way of promoting your business, generating extra profits and delivering better services to your customers.


Now more than ever, e-commerce is becoming a way of life. Every day millions of people log onto the web to conduct business, purchase products and hire services. Many merchants have already established their web sites with the capability of direct online sales to accommodate their growing marketplace.


Creative Angels will help you create visually exciting, powerfully interactive catalogues on the Internet at an affordable price. We develop secure back-office pages which allow you to collect, organize, manage and publish catalogues with total customization.



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"Careful analysis of consumer wants and needs coupled with strategic execution is critical to the delivery of a successful product."